Packshot of Somewhere Else, or Even Here

Somewhere Else, or Even Here

AJ Ashworth (Author)

Success in the short story genre, to my mind, is contingent on the dexterity with which the author wields the primary tool at his or her disposal: the scalpel. A. J. Ashworth does so with the delicacy and precision of the surgeon. Here are fourteen stories from which every irrelevance has been excised, to provide a ruthlessly fine focus on the minutiae that matter. A young girl on a beach befriends a boy who is deceptively dangerous. A widow’s husband is summoned from the dead through telephone calls to a mysterious medium. A schoolboy abandoned by his father finds destructive catharsis. In this collection of short stories Ms Ashworth has peered through life’s keyhole and found all-too-human characters confronting the familiar and the beguiling, creating a series of coruscating cameos that sparkle with simple honesty and intelligent insights.

These stories are impeccably crafted and easy to read, and a useful collection for dissection by the reading group.

Reviewed by: John Oakley - Stourbridge

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Publisher: SaltPublishing


Published Date: Wed 01st Feb 2012

Format: Paperback

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