Packshot of The Golden Moonbeam

The Golden Moonbeam

Angela James (Author)

I loved this book! It is a sweeping story which has all the elements of a great adventure. In causing an accident and realising the consequences the hero finds inner depths which are brought out by the need to find a seemingly impossible solution. Along the way he realises that his actions affect others as well as himself, and that family secrets are kept secret for good reason - but they are not necessarily lies. During his quest to find the Golden Moonbeam he reveals and resolves  long standing quarrels between powerful figures through his determination to save his sister.


The pace of the book is maintained throughout, and it is an easy read. There are not a huge cast of characters, making it all easy to follow and remain involved in the story. I loved the reveal at the end ( won't give it away!) and how this fits in with the change that the hero undergoes. A lovely book which would be enjoyed by anyone who likes Fantasy fiction.

Reviewed by: Maggie Thomas - Kent

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Publisher: Acorn Independent Press


Published Date: Fri 17th Feb 2012

Format: Paperback

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