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Everything is Free

Adele Ward (Author)

This is an unusual book, which I would not necessarily have chosen for myself, but I am glad I was sent it. It concerns homeless Mel, nineteen, who steps into the Greenvale Shopping Centre looking for somewhere warm to spend a cold December day.

She ends up living in a department store, and using the items in the place as though she has a right to them. The security guard notices her on the CCTV, and is fascinated by her and her actions. She is also noticed by the girl in the coffee shop, and a young man who works in the technology centre.

The effect she has upon everyone she encounters is amazing, and the effect she had on me was also very powerful.

There is plenty in this book to cover by reading groups: homelessness, the problems of technology, the ever present threat of terrorism, the far right and their outdated ideas about the rights of women. The story haunted my dreams for days afterwards.

Reviewed by: Sue Goult - Loughborough

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Publisher: Ward Wood Publishing


Published Date: Sat 01st Oct 2011

Format: Trade Paperback

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