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The Beach Hut

Veronica Henry (Author)

Everyone loves a beach hut; they are such an icon of the British seaside and redolent of childhood holidays and summer sunshine. The beach huts in this novel are in fictional Everdene and Veronica Henry takes a group of characters connected to the huts and shares their stories with us.

Jane, the hard up widow, Fiona the alcoholic, Harry the troubled teenager and Sarah who is on the brink of an affair, have their lives changed here one summer.

I enjoyed this book very much as would anyone who loves the seaside. One of the members of our reading group has a beach hut on Mersea Island and we descend on it each summer for a day with a posh picnic and an' easy' read to discuss. This could be the one for 2012!

Having said that, there are no deep issues to discuss, just a gossipy chat among friends.

Reviewed by: Dorothy Anderson - Wickhambrook

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Publisher: Orion

ISBN: 978-1-4091-1995-1

Published Date: Thu 22nd Jul 2010

Format: Paperback

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