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Dolphin Way

Mark Caney (Author)

I was not sure when I received this book, if it was my cup of tea. However once I started to read, I could not put it down and I have read it in four days flat, which is quick for me.


It’s a very Cane and Able type of story but the imagery in it, and the imagination that Mark has used is wonderful. Also it makes you think about what we are doing to our environment. It also gives you an idea of perhaps how us "walkers" are perceived


Although written for the adult market, I think this would be especially interesting to teenagers too.


It was so good I intend to recommend it to my book group when we choose next year’s books and I can’t wait for the next one Dolphin Way : Captured, so hurry up Mark and get it written.

Reviewed by: Marina Eames - Woodley

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Publisher: Aquapress

ISBN: 9781905492237

Published Date: Fri 01st Jul 2011

Format: Paperback

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