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Rachel Connor (Author)

This is not a novel about the Amish, as the cover would have you think. I was unsure about the setting, both time and place, but possibly a near future similar to The Handmaids Tale. In a city there’s a group that doesn’t conform, a raid and a decision to start a new settlement in the country where they can be self-sufficient. Switching between the present in the country and the past in the city, the story gradually unfolds centering on glass blower Tobias and his sisterwives, Rebecca and Amarantha. But the past threatens to unravel their present.

There are parts of this novel that are striking and beautiful, but there are too many gaps in the background. It needs a firmer foundation on which to build a beautiful story. For book groups I think it would be good to read in conjunction with The Secret Lives of Baba Sega’s Wives; also about polygamy but in a very different context.

Reviewed by: Al Hollobon - Brighton

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Publisher: Crocus Books

ISBN: 978-0946745586

Published Date: Wed 19th Oct 2011

Format: Paperback

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