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H M Castor (Author)

I loved this book. It is told from the point of view of Henry VIII (or Hal) as he goes through his life; from being the “spare” prince who spent his time with his mother to being one of the most notorious Kings who ever lived.


Being a young adult novel, there are some parts of his life that are missed out or skipped over. This is either to keep the story focused on the main events on his life, no need to mention the mistresses too much, or to stop the book from becoming overly long after all this is the life of a King we know a lot about.


Other than being told by Hal, the other interesting feature of the book is the psychological side. I liked how this is introduced when he is a young boy staying the infamous (even in his day) Tower of London and follows him throughout his life acting almost as a bringer of doom. It also really drives home just how much loss he experienced at such a young age and I liked how the author included his fascination with predictions.


This is a great novel, both for Tudor fans who want to try something different, but also for younger readers as it nicely introduces historical fact into this already exciting story. Definitely one to try!

Reviewed by: Sarah Docherty - Paisley

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Publisher: Templar

ISBN: 978-1848774995

Published Date: Sat 01st Oct 2011

Format: Hardback

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