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The Number Mysteries

Marcus Du Sautoy (Author)

This review appeared in nb64.

This is a book about maths - now hold on before you skip to the next review - this is a very good book about maths! Marcus du Sautoy uses Beckham, the National Lottery, the Enigma machine and the life cycle of the cicada to explore complex mathematical concepts and explain them in a simple and really understandable way. The book covers prime numbers, probability, codes and algebra amongst other topics and is very entertaining. It also has links to websites and scans for Smartphone’s to find out more about the ideas. This book is a very easy read – surprisingly when the problems can be difficult and there are still $1m prizes up for grabs if it does tempt you to learn more – a lot more before the money rolls in though! I would recommend this book to curious schoolchildren as well as it is very accessible.

Reviewed by: Anne Maguire - High Wycombe

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Publisher: Fourth estate

ISBN: 9780007309863

Published Date: Thu 03rd Mar 2011

Format: Paperback

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