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Premiership Psycho

CM Taylor (Author)

Kev King, the 'hero' of the story, is a Premiership footballer fallen on hard times yet still exhibits the most detestable character traits: he is sexist, egotistical, bordering on the misogynist. He also thinks he is a 'consumer champion', a la Nicky Campbell, so anyone who fails to deliver what he feels is 'good customer service' is likely to end up a victim.

This book is definitely aimed at the male reader, but even then only those who see women as 'objects'. Our 'hero' regularly refers to women in the book with the aside 'you would' or 'you wouldn't' - this outdated attitude really grated on me and I did not find it at all amusing, although it is no doubt typical of this character.

What I found most annoying however was the constant references to what clothes, shoes, watches etc. he and his friends were wearing at every occasion, down to brand names, designs and all. This was totally tedious and uninteresting to me and overall I didn't enjoy the story, although a lover of anything to do with football. The character was just not at all likeable.

This is one for all-male book groups (is there such a thing?) or groups who want to have a discussion/rant about attitudes to women in contemporary fiction!!

Reviewed by: Kim Percival - Nottingham

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Publisher: Corsair


Published Date: Thu 27th Jan 2011

Format: Paperback

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