Wall of days

Alastair Bruce (Author)

This review appeared in nb 64.

Bran lives in exile on his rainy island, untouched by the sun for ten years. He tallies the passing days on his wall until, one day, he decides to return to the homeland he was banished from, regardless of the consequences…

This debut novel, (also the first book from The Clerkenwell Press), is a book that demands to be read because no summary can do it justice.  There is not a superfluous word in its’ beautifully and sparely written prose. The reader is hooked from the start and compelled to join Bran in his increasingly ominous world. Big questions are addressed. Is identity defined by history? Can history be denied or will guilt force it to be acknowledged? As soon as I finished this book I wanted to re-read it, in light of the ending.

This is a fantastic (literally) personal read but I also recommend it to reading groups as it raises so many issues in the areas of loss, identity and guilt.

Reviewed by: Clare Donaldson - Peebles

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Published Date: Mon 01st Aug 2011

Format: Hardback

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