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Dead End

Leigh Russell (Author)

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'He remembered how he had scrubbed Abigail Kirby's blood from the walls until he had exposed the bare brick beneath the paint.'



When the body of Abigail Kirby is discovered, police are shocked to learn that the victim's tongue was cut out, while she was still alive. Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel begins to investigate the grisly murder but soon things are spiralling out of control. A potential witness comes forward and, he too, is brutally murdered and his eyes removed.

Meantime Abigail's daughter runs away from home to meet a girl who has befriended her online. Too late she realises she has made a terrible mistake - a mistake that could cost Lucy her life.

Dead End is the first book I have read by Leigh Russell but it won't be the last!  This psychological thriller is apparently the third in a series featuring DI Geraldine Steel but can be read as a stand alone novel. I, however, will be buying the first two and reading them immediately. I am an avid reader but have become a bit jaded of late but I found this book gripping. The writing reminded me of authors like Tess Gerritsen and Mo Hayder. I found the narrative well written and at times terrifyingly brutal. The tension slowly builds as the twists and turns develop and as the story unfolds I could not put this book down. I was really impressed and am now Leigh Russells number one fan!

Reviewed by: Ann Marie Muldoon - cookstown

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Publisher: No Exit Press

ISBN: 9781842433560

Published Date: Thu 19th May 2011

Format: Paperback

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