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Children of the Resolution

Gary William Murning (Author)

The Children Of The Resolution is a novel unlike others that I've read in that it makes you question when, if ever, this country’s attitude to the disabled came out of the Dark Ages. Having been, in his own words, a guinea pig, it’s the story of a young physically handicapped boy’s integration from his normal school into mainstream education.

I personally found this book difficult to read but rewarding, the difficulty was due to the memories that it caused to surface of people’s attitude to my own mother’s disability and how they spoke over her head to whoever was pushing the wheelchair. This book is something that gives us the chance to see the way it was from the perspective of someone in just that situation. It's not told in an overly gushy ‘be sorry for me’ way but with a straight forward ‘this is how it was’ and that’s that attitude that I found admirable as its a difficult topic to tackle but its done well which is what you would expect from someone who really does understand what it’s like, as this author does, being disabled himself.

Reviewed by: Cat Currie - Liverpool

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Publisher: Self Published

ISBN: 9781446650202

Published Date: Sat 01st Jan 2011

Format: Paperback

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