Packshot of Portrait of a Lost Boy

Portrait of a Lost Boy

Michael Bartram (Author)

I wanted to read this book as I had just begun to learn about the vision of a Jewish state in Palestine – long before the end of the Second World War.


A picture was painted on the day the subject, a little boy, disappeared on an outing including the artist, a friend of the family.  His brother is also born that fateful day. The picture remains, reminding all of how he looked when they last saw him. 


The loss of the child changes the family and their friends, and the new baby grows up in the shadow of that day, against a backdrop stretching from 1898 to the Nazi era.


I enjoyed the story, it was a complicated back and forth experience, through time place and political change.


I will look for more books by this author. I was impressed by his knowledge of the places and events involved. He is able to describe flawed and sometimes difficult people, living with loss and grief with sensitivity and compassion.  I did not find it an easy read, but it was worth it.

Reviewed by: Meggie Latham - Thame

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Publisher: Alliance Publishing Press


Published Date: Thu 26th Jun 2014

Format: Paperback

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