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Lane Ashfeldt (Author)

The clue is in the title. These sparkling stories from award-winning Lane Ashfeltdt are linked by the setting. Divided into three sections reflecting the tide patterns, each story is different – one barely a page long, others that develop over a greater time-scale, but the shimmering sea is always present. The sea is deadly – it can drown your sister, sweep away your home, bury you alive - but it’s a great rip-roaring character too. And what a splendid collection this is. First love, Canvey Island, a festival meeting with tragic ending, digging for limpets, the misgivings of pregnancy – but from rural Ireland to furthest New Zealand there is always the echo of the sea. Ashfeldt’s style may be deceptively simple, but her characters are real people, we can identify with their dilemmas, their lives.  Read the stories one by one, letting each sink in, rather than gobbling them up in a single session.  This is a talented writer worth watching.

Reviewed by: Daphne Poupart - Winchester

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Publisher: Liberties Press


Published Date: Fri 18th Apr 2014

Format: Paperback

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