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The House on the Hill

Kevin Sampson (Author)

Kevin Sampson’s The House on the Hill is a slick, stylish thriller. The storyline commences in 1990’s Ibiza with a wave of ecstasy related deaths and reaches its conclusion in 2014 when, following an unexpected visitor, DCI Billy McCartney’s past, which has haunted him over the intervening decades, returns with an opportunity to finish what went so badly wrong twenty-four years before.


Fast paced and violent, this is an exciting read as it moves between club-land Ibiza, the spectacular houses of a dynasty of drug barons in the hills of Marrakech and the more familiar setting of home in the UK.


The characters of Billy McCartney and his partner DS Millie Baker are believable and memorable, the story enthralling and tough and the conclusion has you sitting on the edge of your seat and is, thankfully, free from cliché.  To say anymore would ruin the ending for others.     


Although not perhaps a novel I would take to my reading group, this is a very satisfying personal read nonetheless and absolutely ideal as a book to be enjoyed on a hot sunny beach somewhere. It is the first of Kevin Sampson’s novels I have come across and I definitely look forward to seeking out some more.




Reviewed by: Kathy Jesson - St Austell

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Publisher: Jonathan Cape


Published Date: Thu 07th Aug 2014

Format: Hardback

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