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Kendra Leighton (Author)

Glimpse is the first book from Kendra Leighton and one worth investing in if you are a fan of YA novels and ghost stories.


The story follows Liz as she deals with memory loss after her mothers death as a child. Now a teen Liz inherits the spooky Highwayman Inn in a small town she doesn't remember much of. The reader swifty learns that Liz sees glimpses of apparitions which torment her and no one else can see. Once in her new home, Liz's glimpses develop so she must use her courage and a little help from the ghosts to find the answers to her predicament.


As a lover of horror and ghost stories I was quickly drawn into the Highwayman Inn setting. The fact that the story and the Inn was from an early 1900s poem (which is at the front of the book) steeped the novel in history and gave a sense of the characters the book could use.


For a reading group session I feel the poem could be disscussed and the connections between the poem and the novel could be a platflorm to get some ideas in the air. Perhaps comparing the vast amount of ghost stories that have been published before would be an enjoyable addition to the talk.



Reviewed by: Emily Sharpe - Essex

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Publisher: Much-in-Little


Published Date: Thu 19th Jun 2014

Format: Paperback

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