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Since You've Been Gone

Morgan Matson (Author)

Morgan Matson is one of the most fresh and exciting young adult authors to emerge in recent years. With wonderful concepts, she weaves stories that are uniquely hers, perfectly capturing the joys and possibilities of adolescence in a light, positive and upbeat way without darkness, impropriety or edge. This is sweet, innocent, endearing life at its best, when anything is still possible and teens dare to dream. In this her latest book, Since You’ve Been Gone, heroine Emily’s best friend, Sloane has left without any word and no way to contact her, leaving behind only a list of tasks for Emily to fulfil, things that will take Emily completely out of her comfort zone. In working her way through Sloane’s list, Emily hopes to reunite with her best friend, but in the meantime she faces the challenge head-on and grows in the process. Emily is an adorable heroine and her journey one of inspiration and wonder. For me, there are some question marks over Sloane, and the reason for her absence was less dramatic than I had anticipated, but really hers is only a peripheral role. This is very much Emily’s time to shine. For teens and young adults, this is a pitch-perfect read and certainly offers a much-needed positive and uplifting addition to the genre. For slightly older readers too, it offers a beautiful nostalgia that makes you long for your youth. Another success for Morgan Matson.

Reviewed by: Jade Craddock - Worcs

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Publisher: Simon & Schuster Childrens Books


Published Date: Thu 03rd Jul 2014

Format: Paperback

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