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The Violent Century

Lavie Tidhar (Author)

I am not normally a lover of fantasy writing but if you are able to suspend disbelief this is a wonderful book, brilliantly written and full of amazing happenings. Oblivion and Fogg have guarded the British Empire for seventy years and they have been recalled to the Retirement Bureau where no-one retires. They do not age and have special powers such as creating a mass of smoke to avoid detection. This is a world where everyday heroes may become "ubermenshen" men and women with incredible powers who can change the course of history.


The story goes to and from the past to the present and visits many cities in Europe and England at different times. The whole story is brilliantly fantastical.There is much killing on both sides but this is dealt with with wonderful calm and peace as those that are left want and need to survive.


It is an incredible. historical tour-de-force in its epic intensity and authenticity which makes it a novel you cannot put down. I rarely read such violent,scary novels but this one totally captured me and I felt so sorry for the soldiers and their families. I shall be looking for his earlier book  "Osama" which is of the same ilk and earned the author Lavie Tidhar The World Fantasy Award

This novel is not for the faint hearted but is extremely well laid out and written beautifully. Thanks for sending me such an unusual novel with so much interest and expectation.  

Reviewed by: Mags Fisk - Taunton

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Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton


Published Date: Thu 24th Oct 2013

Format: Hardback

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