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The Midwife's Confession

Diane Chamberlain (Author)

Imagine your best friend had killed herself - the kindest and most helpful person in your wee town and out of the blue she kills herself. Now imagine you and your other best friend trying to go through her stuff and piece it all together. This is what happens with Tara and Emerson after Noelle commits suicide. A midwife who helped many and ran loads of programmes to help others and for no known reason has left them. As they start to go through her belongings they discover secrets that show they didn't know their friend at all and some secrets that will rip their world apart.

Oh.My.God. I loved this story and had life and work not got in the way I would have got through it in one sitting. The story goes chapter to chapter from each of the girls and from the present to the past. Each chapter is named on who the view point is from (it is all done in first person narrative) and the past is dated so you can follow it easily. A few times I felt I knew exactly where the story was going and then Chamberlain would pull something else out of the bag and turn it on its head. The twist at the end I did not see coming and gasped!

This book has had some slated reviews which I actually don't understand as it is well written, engaging from the start and covers a lot of bases. Some parts of the story some people may find a bit "aye right" but overall it is very well done and I bought into it all. The characters are quite different and each has something you will like or hate. It is books like this that prompt me to go off and snap up all of the authors work and race through them. I thought it was a great read although some parts of it may be a bit upsetting as one of the characters is a midwife and as much as they bring and experience joy there are some sad moments in their career. This was a blinder for me, I loved it so 5/5 for me.

Reviewed by: Lainy Swanson - Glasgow

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Publisher: MIRA

ISBN: 9780778304661

Published Date: Fri 17th Jun 2011

Format: Paperback

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