Packshot of The Suicide Exhibition: The Never War

The Suicide Exhibition: The Never War

Justin Richards (Author)

The Suicide Exhibition is described as an alternative reality thriller. Set in 1940, the Germans have tracked down and woken an alien master race that they wish to mould to win the war in Europe. Trying to stop them is foreign office troubleshooter Guy Pentecross, actor Leo Davenport and pilot Sarah Diamond.


The storyline held great promise; but for some reason I cannot pinpoint I did not really enjoy this book. I think it was partly because I felt I was reading a screenplay. The book had echoes of several films: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Mummy and The Da Vinci Code. There is quite a lot of action and gore when the main protagonists encounter the Vril, and this is harder to read than to watch. Also, I felt the last third of the book was setting up the scene for the second book in the series which was frustrating.


There are some good points: I did like the three main characters and the plot wove a lot of known facts in so that an alien master race did not seem implausible. I am not sure that this would make a good book group read unless you want something a bit different.

Reviewed by: Carolyn Fraser - Ipswich

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Publisher: Del Ray


Published Date: Thu 21st Nov 2013

Format: Hardback

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