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Florence Seyvos (Author)

A beautifully illustrated children’s book written by a well known French writer. A young tortoise moves into a house with her tortoise boyfriend, who then dies having been hit on the head by a stone. Poor Pockety feels so sad and lonely but then a snail comes to her door seeking shelter from the sun and she realises life has to go on.


This book is designed to help children cope with loss and sadness. I am afraid if it had been given to me as a child I would have felt mightly cheesed off. There are no big adventures, nothing that catches the imagination; it is just a quiet, worthy little book. Maybe not having or even knowing children make me unsuitable to review this book.

Reviewed by: Carole Fitzgeorge - les plans

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Publisher: Pushkin Children's


Published Date: Thu 24th Apr 2014

Format: Paperback

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