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The UnAmericans

Molly Antopol (Author)

This collection of short stories is vivid and engrossing. Molly Antopol lives in San Francisco and Tel Aviv and the people in her stories are Jewish, Communists and political activists for the most part and her settings include Czechoslovakia, Jerusalem and the USA. Each story draws the reader in quickly and the deft characterisation makes them satisfyingly full. America is a country where many people feel displaced and their need to understand their roots can be compelling.


I particularly enjoyed the stories of Alexi, an actor who has been imprisoned for his beliefs and wants to bond with his young son; Talia, a journalist, tries to help her boyfriend's daughter; Howard marries the wrong woman; and Oren has to grow up quickly when his brother is maimed in an accident.


There is much to enjoy in this collection. The unfamiliar (to me) locations make it seem very exotic, but it is the all-too-human feelings of love and loss and heartache and desire that make it a poignant read. This author was new to me - I think she has a bright future. Lots for groups to discuss, too.

Reviewed by: Dorothy Anderson - Wickhambrook

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Publisher: Fourth Estate


Published Date: Thu 13th Feb 2014

Format: Hardback

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