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The Vatican Cellars

André Gide (Author)

The Pope has been imprisoned in the cellars under the Vatican, an imposer has been put in his place so that no one realises he is missing. Vatican Cellars is a reprint of a novel first published in 1989 although Andre Gide was an established author well before this.


The story travels through quite well, the language is engrossing and has enough imagery in some parts to make you feel like you are on the sidelines watching the events as they occur. There are enough characters in the story to keep the plot going, without there being so many you lose who is whom. Although, some of the characters used are so "wet" I found them irritating in the extreme.


As a work of fiction, it is gentle with nothing too strenuous about it. There would be very little in it for a discussion in a book club, other than perhaps what the possibilities are for the Pope being kidnapped. Im not sure I would go rushing off to recommend it as a work of classic fiction to someone but it would be worth picking up as part of an offer.

Reviewed by: Emma-Dawn Farr - Bedfordshire

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Publisher: Gallic Books


Published Date: Mon 11th Aug 2014

Format: Paperback

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