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The Dress Thief

Natalie Meg Evans (Author)

The period and setting of this novel really appealed to me and it does give a fascinating insight into the world of haute couture in Paris in the late 1930s. I loved all the details of clothes and materials and the background details about the treatment of Jews, the rise of Hitler, the abdication and the war in Spain all give it a feeling of authenticity.


It has a multi-layered plot. Alix wants to be a designer and gets the break she needs to work in one of the great Parisian fashion houses but has to steal designs to make enough money to keep herself and her grandmother. Then there is the mystery of how her artist grandfather died many years before. There are a lot of characters, well drawn on the whole, and the writing is good though I did feel a bit more editing would have been an improvement. I had a slight problem believing in Alix; she battles through many setbacks, is working as a mannequin, dress designer and running her own business all at the same time and yet often seems to dissolve in tears and has a rather unlikely relationship with an unpleasant character. However it is worth forgetting about that and enjoying a good plot with a charming period setting.

Reviewed by: Berwyn Peet - Llangadog

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Publisher: Quercus


Published Date: Thu 05th Jun 2014

Format: Paperback

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