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Losing Touch

Sandra Hunter (Author)

Arjun has brought his family to West London from India in search of a better life, only to realise, as they adjust to their surroundings, he has become increasingly alienated from them. Something is wrong with Arjun's leg and he has good reason to believe it could be a type of Motor Neurone disease, his family's genetic curse. Each chapter is named for a symptom:"A tendency to fall" or "Inheriting the gene flaw".


I didn't find the central characters likeable. Arjun is prone to anger and his wife Sunila is materialistic. However, the story is a human one. It is one of triumph over adversity. It's mantra is very much "living in the present" as a way of counteracting anxiety and sorrow.


In conclusion, this book is about simply living and coping with whatever is thrown at you. We all hope that tragedy will bring out the best in us. The family at the centre of this book are trying hard to be "normal", whatever that means. All in all a good read. A great book for a reading group as there are lots of areas for discussion.

Reviewed by: Dorothy Flaxman - Bude,Cornwall

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Publisher: Oneworld Publications


Published Date: Thu 01st May 2014

Format: Paperback

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