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The Visitors

Simon Sylvester (Author)

Nobody moves to the remote Scottish island of Bancree and few leave - but leaving is exactly what seventeen year old Flora intends to do.


The book evokes life on an island. It describes the ferry to the mainland and back for schools and shopping in such detail you can imagine you are actually on it. It also describes the loneliness of young people growing up in an island environment and how their parents rely on few industries to make their living.


The arrival of new people, a man and his daughter, raises Flora's curiosity. She befriends the girl, Ailsa, but finds the man menacing. People are also disappearing from Bancree. Reports of missing islanders fill the press and unnerve the community.


I really enjoyed this book. It is very atmospheric and the characters are well drawn and realistic. There is even some folklore thrown in for good measure. It keeps you guessing until the end, when there is a nice twist. I particuarly liked the last line of the last chaper of the book, which I found very poignant.


We only stay for a short while, and then we go. Sometimes we leave traces of ourselves behind, and sometimes we are remembered. Every one of us is a visitor. The only question in this life is who we choose to travel with.




Reviewed by: Dorothy Flaxman - Bude,Cornwall

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Publisher: Quercus


Published Date: Thu 05th Jun 2014

Format: Hardback

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