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Enemy Of The Ants

Stephan Valentin (Author)

Jonas and his heavily-pregnant mother have moved into the exceedingly rural home of his grandmother to escape some domestic violence, but in a way they have only brought it with them.  Jonas, in his friendless isolation and with a problematic mentality is a nasty piece of work.  The young lad loves his mum, hates all others, and sees no fault in kicking out - at inanimate objects and animals (any, not just the titular ants).  Still, there is always a chance of redemption, in this case in the form of a local girl, Sarah...


This short, snappy tragedy, briskly written in a relentless first person, is definitely one to consider for a left-field choice.  Taking us right into the mind of a boy we could never love, with his hyperactive needs, fears and feelings, Valentin effortlessly guides us through the insular situation, and powers us through his tight plot in under two hours.  I dare say the story has been done before, and the book does have the feel of early Ian McEwan, but the mood and style of the piece is all of its own, and well worth exploring.

Reviewed by: John Lloyd - Leicester

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Publisher: Pfefferkorn


Published Date: Tue 10th Sep 2013

Format: Hardback

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