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Behind Closed Doors

Michael Donovan (Author)

A fantastic book: I was gripped from beginning to end and I can see why Michael Donovan was winner of the Northern Crime Competition 2012.


Written, for the most part, from the perspective of the Private Detective Eddie Flynn this book follows the case of missing teenager Rebecca Townsend. Flynn has at first to establish if the girl is even missing before he can try to work out where she is.


Donovan has a great concise writing style. He does not waste words. Some sentences are very short but are able to give the reader a lot of information. Donovan's style lends itself to fast paced action and that is definitely what you get with Behind Closed Doors.


Once Flynn has established that something is not right and that Rebecca and another girl are missing he has to follow a number of leads and then try to piece them together. As the reader Donovan makes you feel as though you are uncovering the truth and that you are involved in piecing together the story.


A very good example of a Private Detective novel and one that is well worth reading.

Reviewed by: Victoria Niccolls - Holbury

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Publisher: Moth


Published Date: Thu 30th May 2013

Format: Paperback

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