Terrie Riley


Sales & Publisher Liaison


On leaving school after A levels I didn’t know what I wanted to do so ended up at teacher training college which I soon discovered was not the job for me. At the same time I had started to represent Great Britain in the Women’s Road Cycling team but in those pre-lottery funded days you still needed to earn a living and so I took a job at the Ministry of Defence as a pay clerk. There I was allowed an afternoon a week off to train, and was able to go away on international trips (unpaid once my holidays had been used up). As my international career drew to a close I decided it was time I got a proper job and decided I wanted to work in sales.


I got a job as a trainee rep with Purnell books a Children’s publisher and once I got my own territory I stayed for 3 years before moving onto William Collins as their rep for the North West selling the Dictionary, Bible and Reference list.


Over the next 29 years, as Collins became HarperCollins and a Murdoch empire, I sold every kind of book they published and finished my days there as Key Account Director looking after Waterstones Head Office and Easons in Ireland.


It was at HarperCollins I met Guy Pringle when we worked together on developing relationships with libraries and reading groups.


I was delighted in 2011 when Guy offered me the opportunity to stay in publishing but in a role that would enable me to have a little more time to spend on my early passion of cycling - albeit at a much more leisurely pace these days.