Cary Grant: A Life 
In Pictures



by Yann-Brice Dherbier  

Bristol boy makes good:

Archibald Alexander Leach, from stilt-walker to movie heartthrob.

This is the life of Cary Grant told in 170 pages of images supplemented by eleven pages of biographical background.

cary grant

I certainly learned more about his life and film career, and the informal shots such as those with his fourth wife Dyan Cannon and baby Jennifer, walking his cat, or relaxing in his study, gave a glimpse of the private man behind the screen image.

Other photographs were for PR, with glamorous co-stars from his many films. Generally visually attractive, they prompted a nostalgic discussion about his roles in ‘North by North West’, ‘To Catch a Thief’ and others.

cary grant

cary grant


Published by Pavilion

cary grant

What can we expect from a life story told in pictures?

Obviously, as with a written biography, to gain insight into the subject, to know more about their public and private lives.

When images are the main medium they must communicate clearly and engage our interest; they must be of good quality and presented in a way that makes sense of the life.

Cary Grant: A Life in Pictures gets a tick on both counts.

cary grant

How might this book be used by a reading group?

Members could choose from a selection of photojournalism books – there are several in this series, for instance, and share with the group three positive reactions, disappointments, reminiscences arising from the images.

This could be a change from the usual format of meeting and possibly provide scope for an interesting discussion.

Adie Batt

cary grant