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The Zigzag Way

Anita Desai

This is a vibrant snapshot of a small region in Mexico as seen through the eyes of various outsiders. Eric, an academic writer, decides to accompany his ...

Reviewed by Cathy Petersen, Bolsover

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Jenny Davidson

This is a strange combination of history, modern science and detective story. The vulgar Elizabeth on a visit to London goes to a museum of medical ...

Reviewed by Winifred Rushbury

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Patrick Parker's Progress

Mavis Cheek

Patrick is born in 1940; his hometown Coventry. An only child, he has a clinging mother and a worthy, ignored father. His hero is Isambard Kingdom Brunel, whom ...

Reviewed by Elisabeth Mace, Church Stretton

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The Eye of Cybele

Daniel Chavarria, translated by Carlos Lopez

This book is about the relationship between a handsome aristocrat named Alcibiades, and Lysis, a beautiful prostitute in the service of Aphrodite. After ...

Reviewed by Jayne Masse

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You Remind Me of Me

Dan Chaon

This first novel explores the lives of two troubled young men who happen to be half-brothers. The primary character is Jonah Doyle who lived as a child with ...

Reviewed by Sue Hardiman, Bristol

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Remember Me

Trezza Azzopardi

Essentially this is the unfolding of an old woman's life, a life of great sadness, and we discover incidents and half-spoken feelings, as she does in trying to ...

Reviewed by Stella Thebridge, Sutton Coldfield

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The Harmony Silk Factory

Tash Aw

This is the story of a silk merchant known in Malaya as Chinaman Johnny. Three narrators reveal sometimes conflicting impressions of his complex ...

Reviewed by Barbara Graebe, Suffolk

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Liars and Saints

Maile Meloy

Liars and Saints may be only 260 pages long but it manages to pack in half a century and a whole dynasty of characters. Beginning with the wartime wedding of ...

Reviewed by Anna Johnson, Watford

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