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A Virtual Love

Andrew Blackman (Author)

A clever perspective on the distorted environment of virtual reality.


In an online world where you can be whoever you choose to be, Blackman explores what 'identity' really means. In our modern times of Facebook, Twitter and blogging, it is too easy to create a chiseled perfect picture of oneself -or to purport to be someone else entirely. It is in this way Jeff Brennan manages to form a relationship based on an ever-spinning web

of lies.


Written, quite originally, in the voice of the second person, the 'identity' of protagonist Jeff Brennan is built up from the points of views of those who know him in different areas of his life, and the various faces he presents to them respectively. The most poignant voice in the whole narrative is perhaps that of Jeff's grandfather, who ventures out of his comfort zone to understand his grandson's disfigured world, but who, himself, ultimately clings steadfastly to reality.


Perhaps the most interesting chapter to me is near the beginning, in which Jeff and his friend Jon are enjoying a Saturday night playing video games together -and it is not revealed until half way through the chapter that the two are in fact in separate apartments and are communicating through Skype. The chapter is cleverly written and begs the question, what does reality mean today?

Reviewed by: Michelle Woollacott - Tenterden

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Publisher: Legend Press


Published Date: Mon 01st Apr 2013

Format: Paperback

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