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Cobalt Blue

Peggy Payne (Author)

Andie is a 38-year-old artist living in a conservative
American town. Things aren’t going too well in Andie’s life; she’s just separated
from her long time partner, work could be better and she misses the adventures
she used to have growing up with her parents. One night she wakes up and starts
to see things differently, rushing to her studio she starts work on a long forgotten painting which results in a strange physical and spiritual experience which changes Andie for better and for worse.


I was attracted to this book because I thought it would offer something different to what is so often seen on the shelves. I wondered
how the author would incorporate unexplainable religious experiences into a
novel set in the present day, without it turning into a fantasy fiction. Considering
I was prepared for this book to be a little different, I will confess to finding this unusual mix of erotic and spiritual fiction, a little hard to get lost in at first. Just when I was starting to feel comfortable with the main character, she does something so unexpected and shocking, I wondered if I had accidently started reading a different book. However, I persevered, and I’m glad I did, as it is these shocking sexual encounters that help the reader to feel the turmoil and loss of control that Andie is feeling due to her religious

There are many other sub-threads in the story, such as Andie’s involvement with the town’s controversial
senator, which questions how people portray themselves and how they are viewed by others. This is actually quite a major part of the story, so could be considered a little bit of added self-help. Overall I enjoyed this book. It would be a great holiday read if you are looking for something that’s a little
different but it also gets you thinking.

Reviewed by: Christine Kelly - Manchester

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Publisher: RoundFire


Published Date: Fri 01st Feb 2013

Format: Paperback

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